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      Hong Kong Tongsheng Group, registered in Hong Kong in 1985, is a large-scale well-known enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of upstream and downstream industrial chains such as water chillers, cooling engineering, ultrasonic precision cleaning equipment, glass tempering equipment, plastic bottle blowing machine, water treatment equipment, etc.           

        Shenzhen Ruide Feng Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in ultrasonic precision cleaning equipment, flat glass cleaning equipment, glass tempering equipment, hydrocarbon cleaning equipment, electroplating equipment, electrophoresis equipment, refrigeration equipment and water treatment equipment. The production base is located in the new high tech park, Hua Ting Road, Longhua, Shenzhen. The group covers an area of more than 22,000 square meters, has a total of more than 80 million yuan of fixed assets, excellent processing equipment, advanced CNC processing equipment and production technology in Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, such as CNC processing center, large laser cutting equipment. With the leading technology development platform and exquisite manufacturing capability, we provide the best solutions for customers in all industries.           

        Our company has developed advanced flat glass cleaning equipment, glass tempering equipment, hydrocarbon cleaning equipment, TFT, LCD, semi-conductor precision cleaning equipment with international leading level and independent intellectual property rights. It has excellent quality and superior performance, and has a long-term relationship with Japan, the United States, the European Union and other developed countries. Technology exchange and cooperation. Products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States and other regions, has become the preferred equipment manufacturers for domestic and foreign enterprises.





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